First DAY NIGHT TEST for India that also against Australia!! Check out details


Australia, who hosted the first day night two years ago against New Zealand and is now playing one more test match which is 2nd test match of the Ashes, have always tried to host at least one day night test match in every series held in Australia and following this rule they are now thinking for the day-night test match against India in Australia this will be first international day-night test match for India. Cricket Australia are confident that India will agree to play a day-night test match in Adelaide next year, chief executive James Sutherland said on Sunday.

India have been reluctant to embrace the playing of the longest format of the game under lights and are the only major cricketing nation yet to participate in a pink-ball test. Virat Kohli’s team are scheduled for a four-match test series against Australia late next year, with Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide expected to be the host venues. Adelaide, this week, is hosting a day-night test for the third year in a row with Australia playing England in front of record crowds for cricket at the ground.

Sutherland said that he was confident India’s governing body, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), would agree to make it a fourth straight year for pink-ball cricket at the picturesque venue.

“I would anticipate there’s not going to be too much problem there. As we’ve discussed at ICC (International Cricket Council) level, it’s very much in the hands of the home country to make judgments on what they think is best. Certainly it’s pretty well telegraphed that from our perspective we’d be playing at least one day-night test match every summer,” Sutherland said in an interview ABC radio.


As well as four tests against India, Australia will also host two tests against Sri Lanka next season. “Certainly India, we would expect to draw a bigger crowd,” Sutherland added. “It’s not all about that, it’s also about how it fits, there’s considerations like weather in different parts of the country at different times of the year. They’re all the things we need to balance and make a call on over the course of the next few weeks before announcing that final schedule.”

We all have seen BCCI last year giving permission to West Bengal Cricket Accociation(WBCA) to host the 1st domestic day-night test match. The staff made it a good match and the crowds as well as the players enjoyed the match a lot. All eyes are now set as India are about to play their first international day-night test match.


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