Alexis transfer saga explained-Twist in the story after the agent drops a huge hint!

Alexis Sanchez transfer saga
Twist in the story?

Alexis Sanchez’s agent has dropped a huge hint regarding the future of his client.

The Chilean and his manager have teased the citizens numerous times in the course of last six months. Although, it appears like the player’s agent has joined the party and hinted towards a different end to the transfer saga of Alexis Sanchez.

It’s the 12th day since the January transfer window opened and the rumor mill is full of speculation. However, one of the hottest subject that has created a great amount of traction among the fans of Premier League is undoubtedly the transfer saga of Arsenal star, Alexis Sanchez.

Saga Explained:

It all began with the second half of the last season when Arsenal experienced a great downfall and the relationship between Alexis and his manager started falling apart. What escalated the speculation in the initial stages was the moment Alexis was caught giggling on the bench while his club was trailing. It was clear, the player wasn’t happy wearing a Gunner shirt anymore. The drama followed with time and rumors only multiplied, exponentially.

Then came the summer transfer window where the 29-year-old’s name started getting linked with his previous manager, Pep Guardiola. After a trophyless campaign in his first year in the Premier League, Pep knew that serious actions and admission of quality players that are well settled in Premier League can save him. And the situation of Alexis Sanchez with his Club and Guardiola’s relationship with the player seemed like a perfect marriage. Considering Chilean’s form, any manager in the Premier League would have been happy to add him to his side but it was only Pep Guardiola who looked determined to sign him. Even Alexis Made a lot of statements which made it clear that the player has made up his mind to leave the club.

Alexis Sanchez with pep Guardila
Alexis is likely to re-unite with his former boss and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola

While Alexis’s expiring contract hung in the balance throughout the course of the transfer saga, the French manager wasn’t ready to lose his marquee player. Later, when he was questioned regarding the future of the player, he made his intentions clear that he’ll fight for the unsettled Chilean. The Summer transfer window ended and Alexis remained Arsenal player but the rumors never stopped.

While Pep’s side broke records after a majestic first half of their season, Pep’s  hunger for perfection continued with his intentions of bringing Arsenal forward to his side.

A twist in the story:

Surprisingly, last 24-hours have shown a shocking development in the transfer saga. Jose Mourinho’s roller coaster start of the season following a fall in the end of the first half of the season made one thing clear- the club is dealing with some serious problems and getting a winger is surely one of them. Alexis’ contract situation is lucrative enough for any manager and a transfer would happen in the cost of peanuts for a player of his quality. With Mkhitaryan likely to part ways with the club, rumors have emerged that the player could be linked in a swap deal with Sanchez to lure Arsene Wenger to accept the deal.

Major Hint dropped by the agent:

And these are just not speculation, all the mighty publications have been reporting it and the agent of the player has dropped a huge hint regarding the future of the player.

Alexis agent twitter
Huge hint dropped y the agent of Alexis Sanchez

If you haven’t seen it, it is the agent’s account who has recently followed Manchester United on Twitter.

Author’s Take:

As it was appearing to be Manchester City’s game throughout the period of last six months, last 24 hours have shown how predictable transfer window could be. Manchester United’s interest in Sanchez’s is very understandable and it is evident from the reports about the chances of transfer taking place in reality. However, in my opinion, Alexis’ relationship with Guardiola and the reports that have emerged in the past clearly show that Pep Guardiola has solid chances of landing the player. Now it is hard to predict which side of Manchester will the player play for, but it is clear that the player won’t be pulling on the Gunner shirt for long.


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