Whole Indian Team started laughing on MS Dhoni !!


Whole Indian Team started laughing on MS Dhoni: MS Dhoni is one of the respected cricketer not only in India but in the whole world.He is the coolest player in the cricket field and one of the best captain in the cricket history.A fan shared a story what he witnessed one day..

The venue of this incident was in  2006 at Cricket Club of India, Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai.A party was organized by BCCI to mark Rahul Dravid’s 100th appearance in Tests and Anil Kumble’s 400 wickets.A Hotel Management student at that hotel shared the story.

It started like this, ” So, the stadium is all decked up and people are supposed to arrive soon. Suddenly, there is a rush and in comes Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff.
All the girls start following him. (I overhear a girl saying ‘I wish I could marry him!!)
We guys are waiting for the Indian team (of course).
With a lot of fanfare enter the greats –
Dravid, Sachin, Yuvraj, Sehwag, Bhajji etc.
They occupy the front seats on the tables.
Following them are the youngsters like Irfan Pathan, RP Singh, Munaf along with the man with long tresses, MS Dhoni!

Now, the young bunch is well behaved as all the stalwarts of Indian cricket are around, as are many celebrities.
MSD takes a seat with the youngsters. They are joking amongst themselves. Now, the starters are being circulated in the usual shaadi style with toothpicks.
Everybody is, very formally, picking one and eating it the peculiar, artificial, snobbish way. All of a sudden, I hear someone shouting.

MS Dhoni: Arey Bhai, idhar aana zara. (Hey bro , please come here .)
Waiter: Yes Sir?
MS Dhoni: Kya hai ye? (What is this ? )
Waiter: Sir, Hara Bhara Kebab.
MSD takes all the kebabs (around 15) on a plate, takes the big chutney bowl and then says:
Aur lekar aana yaar zara. Itni bhook lagi hai aur tum yeh itna sa lekar aa rahe ho. Isse zyada lana abhi. (I am very hungry brother, why you coming with so less quantity? Don’t come up with less kababs, bring more now.)

He starts eating like one eats in their drawing room.

The whole table bursts into laughter. MSD gives a smile and concentrates on his kebabs.

As a hospitality graduate, I have seen a fair share of small towners getting nervy and artificial in 5-star surroundings.

MSD’s coolness and ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude was indeed very amusing and endearing to me.

This reveals how cool and calm MS Dhoni remains on and off the field.



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